Our Story

University Korner established its first store in 2009 to serve the Butler community with top tier gasoline at an affordable price. Our founder, an electrical engineer by training, saw the potential in a rundown convenience store and gas station that was about to close. He invested his savings and money borrowed from friends and family to pursue the American Dream and became a small business owner. The initial years were stressful but the Butler community was generous in its support and motivated us to persevere through trials and hardship to not only firmly establish that initial store, but expand to 6 additional locations with plans to have a total of 10 locations up and running by January 2020.

This robust growth was achieved by following a simple formula - Put the customer first, deliver professional and personalized service, and give back to the local community. In order to meet our owner's high standards for offering personalized products and services, we separated from the big-name chain we were initially a part of. Not being constrained by a petrochemical conglomerate's inflexible rules and regulations, University Korner began offering the personalized food service, financial services and Pennsylvania State lottery offerings that our customers desired and continue to value to this day. Top leadership and employees both have responded to customer suggestions and complaints immediately as neighbors would, because that's what we are. Instead of national volume discounts that weren't applicable to anyone in our community, we gave our customers a simple and generous loyalty program that rewards them for every penny spent at University Korner.

A small family-owned business, University Korner takes great pride in serving our customers and we feel privileged to live and work in our friendly, bustling communities.

Core Values

  • Offer quality convenience products and top tier gas at competitive prices
  • Deliver fast and professional service
  • Give our customers the personal attention the big corporations can't, and be responsive to feedback
  • Expand employment opportunities and reinvest in our community
  • Financially support organizations that strengthen the local community like the Clarion YMCA and the Kane Community Center

leadership team

Yasir Bhatti

President & Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (2004). Bachelor of Science, Industrial Management (2005). Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Ahmed Bilal

Vice President Sales & Chief Operations Officer

Founding Member. Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ. More than 10 years of Retail Operations Experience.

Waleed Butt

Territory Operations Manager – North West PA

More than 5 years of Retail Store Operations Experience